blink(1) Update: Start hacking!

Exciting! Thanks to Ben, Keri, Preston, Ann, Abe, and Carlyn, we had a few more epic blink(1) assembly parties and have shipped a total of 4800 blink(1)s to our fulfillment house.  The most recent blink(1) update will review:

  • Shipping updates
  • Time to start hacking
  • Raspberry Pi with blink(1)
  • WiFi Routers and blink(1)
  • Linux & HIDRAW
  • Mac & Windows apps and IFTTT

For the full post and more photos please visit:


  1. I’m loving my Blink(1) so far, but I am going to need a hand eventually. Is there any kind of community group for these things? I’d recommend you guys set up a forum if there isn’t one somewhere already.

    Keep up the great work, ThingM!

  2. Hi Adam,
    Glad to hear you got your blink(1)! We do have a support forum of sorts on GetSatisfaction. You can share ideas, projects, get help on stuff, and let us know when things aren’t working right. It’s located at:

    And if you’re a coder, we have the official Github repository of all blink(1) software. It also has a user-editable wiki and issue tracker, but is more focussed on programming. It’s at:

  3. Can I use blink(1) as a driver for RGB LED strip? :)

  4. Hi Umktksa, The original blink(1) can only drive its single LED. The new blink(1) mk2 will be able to drive a small number WS2812-style LED strips.

  5. How about relays?
    I guess i can use 3 relays and a power supply to run LED strips.

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