Node-RED plugin for blink(1)

Node-RED is an interesting visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things.  It runs in Node.js and looks to have incredible potential.  blink(1) user dceejay wrote a Node-RED package for blink(1) called node-red-node-blink1.


As he says, it:

“Sends the msg.payload to a Thingm Blink(1) LED device. The payload can be any of the following:

  • a three part csv string of r,g,b – e.g. red is 255,0,0
  • a hex colour #rrggbb – e.g. green is #00FF00
  • @cheerlights colour name – e.g. blue
  • The @cheerlights colours are – red, amber, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange, pink, purple, white, warmwhite, black”

Get it here:


Glyn Hudson

After some initial trouble getting the blink(1) node to work it is now doing what it should – very nice.
There is one issue though:

Let’s assume I have triggered the blink(1) node (e.g. sending just 255,0,0 to it, to make it go green – or any other color).
I then make some change to the flow, either in the blink(1) part of the flow, or some other part (it does not have to be connected to the blink(1) node in any way), and re-publish the flow.
When I then try to change the color of the blink(1) again, it throws an error: Inject failed:cannot open device with path USB_27b8_01ed_14250000

Some kind of lock that isn’t properly released when republishing?

I would expect similar handling would be needed by other USB devices managed via node-red.. so maybe there is a known solution or work-around?

Can’t say I am too hardcore when it comes to node.js development, so any ideas or pointers welcome. Thanks!!topic/node-red/ZnOXw6Vyims

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