buildblink: nodejs build light using blink(1)

Brett sent us a message with this cool Node.js add-on called “buildblink“.  It’s a continuous integration build light so you can tell when your code builds break. Different colour patterns can be configured. Default configuration follows the patterns below: Patterns Green Successful build Flashing Green (temporarily) Newly successful build Police Lights (temporarily) Newly failed build Cycle Green / Yellow Building & previous build was green Cycle Red / Yellow Building & previous build was red Currently tested with one build, one light. It currently works with TeamCity but he plans on adding support for Jenkins and Travis CI. Check it out on  

BlinkMs in “Playful Interactions in the Darkness” project by CuteCenter

BlinkM Smart LEDs ( were used in this delightful motion-responsive installation created by a team of students for children to play with light at night. For more information, see: – – Original video from:

Tod speaking at Caltech about Arduino, IoT, hackerspaces

Every month the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, Tod’s alma mater) hosts the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum.   This month’s topic is “The Internet of Things, Arduinos  and the ‘Maker Entrepreneur’“. Tod will be there speaking about how Arduino, Hackerspaces, & Open Source can speed the development and creation of Internet of Things or other embedded intelligent devices. The forum is Saturday, November 9, 2013.  Registration is open to all, $40 online or $50 at the door.      

Video of Mike’s panel at GigaOm Mobilize2013

Mike was on the “IoT Guru Panel” talking about the future of Internet of Things and how to get mainstream acceptance of IoT projects.  It’s a great listen.  Embedded video in the link:  

blink(1) mk2 Manufacturing Updates

We been up to a bunch of stuff since our Kickstarter closed.   On all fronts we’ve been making good progress.  In this update there’s info about: Electronics Enclosures Software API updates We’re also having a bit of delay due to issues in getting the microcontroller chip in quantity from our vendor. We hope to have that sorted out shortly though. Electronics In anticipation of things going smoothing, we started the electronics manufacturing for blink(1) mk2 before we got funded, in late July and early August. It was at that point we placed the order for the components and set our electronics fabricator on making circuit boards. It usually takes about a month to go from emailing PCB layout (a […]

Sketching in Hardware 2013

Last weekend ThingM sponsored, and Mike organized, Sketching in Hardware 2013, held at PARC–the legendary Palo Alto Research Center (where Mike’s day job is). This was the eighth annual meeting of people developing tools that make creating with electronics accessible to non-professional engineers. We had a great group of people from as far as Copenhagen and Shenzen. Some were artists, others designers, many were scientists, engineers and university researchers. All were excited to talk about the tools that will make electronics more expressive, and more accessible. Since all 50 attendees gave a presentation (that’s one of the rules of the event), there isn’t space to summarize everything that everyone said, but here’s a sample: David Mellis, of the MIT Media […]

Announcing blink(1) mk2

We’re working on an improved version of blink(1) and have launched a Kickstarter for it. blink(1) mk2 is an updated version of the blink(1) super status light. The original blink(1) made it easy to connect any data source in the cloud or on your computer to a full-color RGB LED so you can know what’s happening without checking any windows, going to any websites or typing any commands. blink(1) mk2 maintains backward-compatibility while adding better functionality and great new features. The main new features are: – Better USB support – Brighter via dual RGB LEDs – Independently-addressable LEDs – Improved Blink1Control application We think it’s going to be great.

Nice review of blink(1)

Chris Moyer, author “Building Applications in the Cloud: Concepts, Patterns, and Projects” and a new blink(1) user, published a nice review of blink(1) for anyone curious about them. Thanks Chris!

blink(1) available at Maker Shed and Inventables

We now have two distributors of blink(1): Maker Shed and Inventables. Both Maker Shed and Inventables also carry our BlinkM-family products too. We are very excited to have our gadgets offered by two companies that carry so many other neat products. Check them out!

Make an omnidirectional blink(1) with a ping-pong ball

Here’s a quick hack to try if you have a blink(1) and want a light that is large and viewable from more angles than what blink(1) normally provides. It does make things a bit larger though. It turns out ping-pong balls make excellent diffusers for LEDs. Here’s how to attach a ping-pong ball diffuser to your blink(1) so you can put a computer-controlled notification light just about anywhere. Tools Needed: – blink(1) USB RGB LED – white ping pong ball – hobby knife – hot glue gun – USB extension cable (optional)