LinkM at SLAC

Wow, one of our products is in use at a particle accelerator! Check out the LinkM on that board! JimP at SLAC writes us to say: The attached picture shows the board programmer we’ve developed using the LinkM as an interface to test and debug the mezzanine cards we’re building for the Cluster-on-Board (COB) project. The small card on the left is a Virtex4 system-on-chip device which is used as a 10 Gbit data processing module. This DPM has an I2C chain which stores small amounts of persistent data like bootstrap and TCP/IP info. The blue connector on the upper right goes to another type of board (an ATCA Rear Transmission Module) with similar requirements. We’ve also added a JTAG […]

New BlinkMSequencer Features

ThingM’s Multitrack BlinkMSequencer has been updated to work with both LinkM and with Arduino running the BlinkMCommunicator sketch. Download: BlinkMSequencer2 for Mac OS X BlinkMSequencer2 for Windows BlinkMSequencer2 for Linux New Features and improvements include: LinkM and Arduino connectivity support Previously, you used the new Multitrack Sequencer if you had a LinkM and the older single-track sequencer if you had an Arduino. Now the Multitrack Sequencer has Arduino connectivity suppport. To use: Load the BlinkMCommunicator sketch onto your Arduino Unplug the Arduino, plug in your BlinkM, plug back in the Arduino Choose the “Connect to Arduino” item in the File menu Gradient creator It’s now easy to create smooth gradients between color cells. To create a gradient, make a selection […]