ThingM Internship!

Work on Open Source hardware, firmware and software with us in Pasadena!  We’re a company dedicated to making innovative technology for the hacking, making, tinkering and design worlds.  We are looking for someone with strong technical skills and the desire to put them to practical use helping us make our products better, more interesting and more efficient. We need someone who can take an idea and run with it, writing great, readable, maintainable Java and C. Atmel AVR microcontroller experience a big plus, but not required if you have other awesome skills.

You have to be comfortable working in a tiny company that’s distributed around California, communicating frequently with company management.

More information about ThingM can be found on, including examples of products we’ve developed.

We’re looking to begin immediately, the internship would last for 3 months, and we would need about 15 hours a week.  For more information and details please email:


Jeffrey Callahan

Hi Mike, Tod, and so forth – Hey, what’s the cost of living out there now? I’m fully employed already with ongoing nat sec applications on my plate but would be interested in helping you guys. It’d give me an excuse to move to a better techno-environment and it makes absolutely no difference where I actually live as far as my current gig goes. I am working totally remote. Funny you threw this up, I was honestly thinking about relocating soon. I really don’t even know if I’m interested in the internship thing, you might can give that to someone else, but I sure would like to get involved in ThingM if your thinking about expansion and I’ll bet you can use an old engineering codger like myself. Hey, it’s not like I don’t know your technology…hahaha. Write me. AND If I get a good email I actually remember now that I have your Cylon still. Holy moses, I have been busy. No rest for the wicked , gents…

Mike Kuniavsky

Hi, Jeff! LA is where Tod is and where the internship will be. It’s huge, so the cost of living varies greatly. The short version I always tell people is: housing is expensive, car maintenance is expensive, but food is cheap and you don’t have to spend a lot on heating your house. It balances out, though quantitatively, because of the cost of housing, it’s probably 20% total more expensive than where you are.

Also, sadly, you’re overqualified for our internship and we won’t be able to pay you what you’re worth. Our expansion plans right now are quite modest, too, since we’re still in a slow growth phase and recovering from the costs associated with a large R&D project last year that didn’t pay off.

Jeffrey Callahan

Hi again Mike,

Oh no, really I wasn’t applying for anything , ha! – I think someone would get alot out of an internship and encourage people to get in on this, however. Whoever you get on-board will love it I am sure. Truly, I am planning on relocating due to my current work since I have people that work for me in LA area too – more to it than just a move for fun so yeah, it’s work related. Anyhow, I plan to relocate in a couple of months , maybe as soon as late April , so really you can consider this a heads up more than anything. I intend to help you guys out in any way possible once I get settled – you’re my favorite maker-oriented company , of course! ;-) I’m continually impressed with ThingM, so if you want me around once in awhile after I am set up with my own lab I’m game. I am bringing a few ideas and opportunities out with me…nothing corporate yet , but I’m thinking hard about a few projects to get into once I get things worked out. Sent you an email…

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