ThingM Technology Sketch: LockM


As part of our product development process, ThingM creates Technology Sketches, which are examples of early stage conceptual approaches to how a product might work, rather than actual fully-functional systems. We believe in lightweight, agile, user-centered product development, which means that we focus on users’ experiences first and technological details later.

LockM is a portable and secure personal thumb drive, adding a sense of protection and high design to an everyday experience.

Inspired by the familiar interface of the combination lock, LockM uses a customizable¬† combination to access your data on-the-go. The discreet opening at the bottom keeps your combination safe from peepers and, when you’re not using your thumb drive, a quick swipe of the dials scramble the code and disables access to your content.

LockM is designed to give you security when you need it, ease of mind if you lose it, and will make you feel better about taking important data with you.

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