blink(1) Update: We’re Shipping!

It’s been a busy two weeks since our last update.  The most important news to report is: we’re shipping!

On Monday, we shipped 1200 blink(1)s to our fulfillment house, Fulfillrite.  The wonderful people there should receive it early next week and start shipping them out to you shortly after that.  They are based in New Jersey so don’t be alarmed that it’s not coming from California.  We will try to ship in the order that people backed.

Next Monday we will ship out at least an additional 1200 blink(1) units. Why aren’t we shipping all of them at once?  Read all the nitty gritty details in our full Kickstarter post here:


James Smith

>> We will release the design files for blink(1) as open source when blink(1) ships.

Now that they’re shipped, when can we expect the design files?


Hi James,

This week we hope! We’re cleaning up the github, putting in some docs, and adding non-code files to it.

Brenden Gomez

Any update on design files release?

Our hacker space has a few people who want to modify the firmware.


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