Blink1Control v1.94 released


Blink1Control, our primary control app for controlling blink(1) and hooking up to has been updated.  It fixes some long-standing bugs that really bugged us and improves functionality with Mac OS X’s “App Nap” feature.

If you use Blink1Control, please upgrade to v1.94.

Get it now from

For release notes, see our blink1 github releases page.


Austin Dory

Can the Blink(1) be used as a simple USB plug that always stays on and doesn’t blink? I’ve got a powerbank that automatically shuts off unless there’s a small load on it, so I’m wondering if this would keep the powerbank on. Basically, I’m wanting to use the Blink(1) with an XTAR UL1 USB light that has a switch on it where the powerbank doesn’t recognize the USB light but powers it until it automatically shuts off.

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