New blink(1) IFTTT channel soon


We love IFTTT (aka “If This Then That”). Our blink(1) USB LED was one of the first hardware devices that worked with IFTTT and we’re excited that IFTTT is helping us upgrade our IFTTT channel!

This upgraded channel will initially work just the same, but with the added ability of allowing multiple blink(1)s to work with a single IFTTT account (something many of our customers have asked for). And this new channel is more easily customizable by us so it will open up the door to more advanced features down the road.

Current IFTTT blink(1) channel users:
As IFTTT gets ready to make the change, they will be contacting you. We believe that all your recipes will be migrated so no changes will be necessary by you. You will be able to distinguish the new blink(1) IFTTT channel by the updated graphic (see the above image) and your channel authentication will be via OAuth2 to our new blink(1) data feed service.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



4 months later,
just realized this hasn’t gone public yet…

Any idea when folks?


Hi Jon,
We’re ready to go on our side, we’re just waiting on IFTTT. They’ve had a lot of work in the last few months migrating their “legacy” channels to their new platform. I ping them every few weeks about it.


Hi :)

Any updates on this? I’d really love to be able to unplug my Blink(1) from home and stick it in my work laptop, without any interruption in my IFTTT service.


Hi Marc,

You can already do what you describe by setting the “Host Id” to be the same between the two computers. To do this in Blink1Control v1, right-click on the IFTTT key and select “Edit Host Id”, then copy the Host Id from one computer to the other.

Also, we are slowly getting some response from IFTTT about upgrading our channel, so at least there’s some movement.


Oh cool! Did not know that. Is there a way to do it in v2? That’s what I’m currently using. I can go back to v1 if not.

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