Our favorite (so-far) IFTTT recipes for blink(1)

The blink(1) IFTTT channel is full of fun and useful recipes to try out with blink(1). IFTTT has so many channels now that just about anything on the net can be turned into a blink(1) color. Here are some of our favorite IFTTT recipes:

Turn your office into a disco with blink(1)

Andrew’s primary workstation is Linux-based. And in his post he describes how he “turned my office into a disco with blink(1) and Weechat“. Weechat is an extensible chat client and has a “beep” function that you can extend to run any script, like say, one that triggers the blink1-tool commandline program. Really cool, Andrew!

Building a Virtual Assistant for Raspberry Pi w/ blink(1)

blink(1) customer and Raspberry Pi hacker Tanay Pant let us know that he is soon releasing a book called “Building a Virtual Assistant for Raspberry Pi”. You can read a bit of behind-the-scenes here. It looks like it will have bunch of interesting features, including the ability to control blink(1) notification lights. Think of it […]

blink(1) 20%-off Summer Fun Sale

Summer is here! Make your computer instantly cooler with a snazzy blink(1) USB notification light and get 20% off with coupon code “summerfun2016” on checkout from the ThingM store buy.thingm.com. Use IFTTT to make blink(1) flash when UPS packages arrive, or when a meeting is to start, or many other things. Hook blink(1) to your […]

Windows Media Center status light with blink(1) USB RGB LED

Pat at O’Brian Labs has created an awesome thing: Windows Media Center running on a Mac Mini w/ Windows 10 and using a PowerShell script to control a blink(1) USB LED. It’s wonderful. His post describes how he set it all up and includes the PowerShell script if you want to do something similar.

blink1-status-hub NodeJs HTTP REST API server

Russell Brown built upon our basic node-blink1-server and created a much richer HTTP API for our blink(1) USB LED called blink1-status-hub. It’s geared to help him work with long-running tasks on server VMs. If you need a cross-platform HTTP REST API for blink(1), give this one a try. It’s available now on npm.

Integrating blink(1) w/ Hspec Haskell Testing Framework

If you develop in Haskell, you probably use the hspec testing framework. Here’s a new package for adding blink(1) USB Status LED output to your hspec tests. The hspec-blink1 package is from Bob Long. He includes both the source and a small video of it working. Bob will also be demonstrating at a Meetup in […]

New blink(1) IFTTT channel soon

We love IFTTT (aka “If This Then That”). Our blink(1) USB LED was one of the first hardware devices that worked with IFTTT and we’re excited that IFTTT is helping us upgrade our IFTTT channel! This upgraded channel will initially work just the same, but with the added ability of allowing multiple blink(1)s to work […]

Ambient Wind Energy Indicator using Node-RED and blink(1) USB LED

Glyn Hudson created an ambient wind energy indicator using a emonPi environmental monitoring Raspberry Pi and blink(1) USB LED. Then on the software side, he used Node-RED and Emoncms to pull in real-time UK wind energy generation and map that data to colors on the blink(1). Glyn goes into detail on how to set everything […]