ThingM Project Feature: Books with Personality

BlinkM in Books with Personality Creators:  Jisu Choi + Matt Kizu from Art Center The intent of this project was to create animism in an object, with the use of programmable BlinkM® LEDs. We were interested in books because, as a set of objects, they still had a degree of individuality which we wanted to […]

ThingM Project Feature: BlinkM in the Lantern

BlinkM in the Lantern                                                Creator: David Enoch David has been making handmade lanterns for years.  The halogen and xenon bulbs he used  produced nice light and shadows, but were costly and fragile, and can’t be easily powered by batteries.  Wanting to find  an LED solution for years, David was unable to find […]

ThingM Project Feature: BlinkM in DrumKit

DrumKit was the result of a semester of design and prototyping as part of a product design course at Rensselaer.  DrumKit is meant to encourage the user to explore music, math, programming, electronics, and acoustics. * The kit can be programmed to build rhythms. Through iteration and other mathematical patterns, one can explore rhythms and […]

ThingM Project Feature: BlinkM in Firefly Cloud

University of Michigan – Fall 2010 – SmartSurfaces offered a collaborative, project-based learning experience in which undergraduate artists, designers, architects and engineers came together to build structural surfaces that have the capability to adapt to information and environmental conditions. Each team was required to design, build, program and test a ‘Biomimetic SmartSurface’. They had to […]

ThingM Project Feature: BlinkM in The MEAL Project BlinkM in The MEAL Project                           Creator: Corinna Sherman For the distracted diner who wants a subtle reminder to assess how full he or she is while eating, the MEAL dish is a weight-sensing dish that illuminates with colored light to give […]

ThingM Project Feature: Explosives Detonator Prop

Explosives Detonator Prop                           Created By: Chris Ellerby Recently we had the job of creating a explosives detonator prop, and once again, I just had to put a BlinkM in the project!    When the device is “armed” the screen displays a flashing  message and a 30 second looping countdown begins.  This triggers the BlinkM to start […]

ReflashBlinkM: Update your BlinkM’s firmware

All BlinkM-family devices can have their firmware updated. This makes them great for tiny development boards for ATtiny processors. ReflashBlinkM is an application that makes it easy to put back the original firmware or update a BlinkM to the latest firmware. Previously you needed an AVR ISP programmer like the AVRISPmkII or the USBtinyISP. Thanks […]

ThingM Project Feature: Seito Odoshi

Seito Odoshi                                                                                     Creator: Tokyo University of the Arts A fall workshop at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Twenty two students worked in groups to develop and prototype a project within a few days. Team 3 created Seito Odoshi (a students intimidator). The object is used to calculate how long students sleep. Using a […]

ThingM Project Feature: Burning Man Bike

BlinkM Burning Man Bike     Creator: Chris Ellerby For this amazing Burning Man bike project I took a Worksman trike and lined the frame with RGB LED light bars and wired them all to a single controller. The light bars can be easily set to display a single color, flashing color sequence, or slow fading color […]

BlinkM Project Feature: Ardupilot

BlinkM as an ArduPilot Mega Indicator Creator: Josh Villibrandt The ArduPilot Mega (APM) is an open-­‐source autopilot for RC aircraft that is currently under development. The APM package consists of a main computer board based off Arduino, a sensor board, and various other attachments to complete the whole system. In this APM project, it was […]