Document your BlinkM/MaxM/MinM project, get a free MinM

We want to know what you (or anyone you know) has done with BlinkMs, MinMs or MaxMs! Send us documentation of your working BlinkM project and we will send you a MinM (which normally sells for $13-20). The first 50 people who send in a description that meets the requirements below will get a free […]

Open Source BlinkM/LinkM Code on Google Code

We’re continuously developing small pieces of code to do interesting things with BlinkMs, and we decided to put much of this on Google Code, Google’s Open Source code repository. You can find BlinkM example code, all the code for our TweetM Wifi Twitter client, and the experimental code for FreeM, our infrared BlinkM controller here: […]

FreeM, an infrared BlinkM controller

Since we first announced BlinkMs, people have asked us how to control them wirelessly. It’s relatively straightforward to make something that controls a BlinkM wirelessly. There are plenty of technologies to choose from–Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, Wifi, etc.–and we experimented with most of them, but none of them combined the core qualities that we wanted: low-power […]

BlinkM Hello, Video Guides, Example Code

[originally published on 25 Jan 2008 on todbot blog] This is a BlinkM: BlinkMs are “smart LEDs”, a type of smart interface component. A BlinkM consists of an ultrabirght RGB LED backed with a microcontroller with built-in knowledge about 24-bit color spaces, color fading, and color pattern generation. All in a package 0.6” wide. You […]